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Wed Aug 02 2017

Email Remains the Best Digital Channel for ROI

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Make your marketing spend work harder and see a higher return on investment with Email Marketing. While most businesses are well aware of email marketing, it probably is one of the channels not used to its fullest for most companies. If you’ve ever wondered why you should prioritise email marketing for your business, read on…

Why you need Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the only marketing channels that your consumers ask to receive. Each Email that you send puts you directly in your customer’s inboxes and reinforces your brand in their minds.

A recent study from the DMA found that the average ROI from email marketing was a return of $38 for every $1 spent and these figures are growing. Done well, email marketing can lead to high conversion and exceptional ROMI (return on marketing investment) for your business.

The study also found that while respondents allocated an average of 16% of their overall marketing budget to email for 2016, the program contributed to 23% of total sales, a ratio that indicates an email’s positive ROI.

Other benefits of Email Marketing:

Email databases are now opt-in. Your customers have asked to hear from you. Companies often underestimate the positive impact that email marketing can have on their customer relationships.

Not all email is viewed as spam by your customers.? Sharing interesting company, product or service-relevant content without being too “salesy”, can work toward building trust and loyalty with your customers. If you are unsure how to strike the right balance on what content to share with your email database aim for 80% valuable content and 20% company promotion.

Moreover, if a customer has asked to join your mailing list, they actually want to hear from you! Don’t give them radio silence – make you open up communications with them to further your relationship.

Reporting Features – Easy to track performance

Email campaign software uses reporting features that automatically follow the performance of your email marketing campaign. Track the number of emails sent, emails received the number of emails opened and even the email click-through rate.

Each of these metrics can be used to improve future campaign performance. Higher than normal email open rates could denote a particularly engaging email subject line that successfully piqued the interest of the recipient. Once you know what works for your customers, recreate it!

You can delve even deeper with performance measurements by using unique URLs in your emails to provide better reporting in Google Analytics as well. By doing this, you can not only see how people are engaging with the email sent, but also how they are using your website once they click through, and how they are converting into sales or leads.

Is a Great segmentation tool

Give your customers what they want. Email allows you to segment your customer database into lists or segments quickly. Segments are groups of customers who respond similarly to marketing strategies.

Let’s say your business operates in the B2B space and your clients range from a small five-person business to 500-employee corporations. The way that you communicate with your small business clients will differ from the way that you communicate with the company. Small firms and corporations will each makeup individual email segments. Email allows you to not only segment your customers but also easily communicate with those segments with information that is more tailored to them.

The Email Marketing Process

Email marketing follows a fairly simple process, as outlined in the flow chart below:

Find out more about the importance of email marketing here or get in touch with us to get started now!

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