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Jack (formerly known as Whites Group) is an Australian family-owned company that produces local products for building and construction, landscaping, and home maintenance. They are a manufacturer that have their products stocked in hardware stores throughout Australia (such as Bunnings, Mitre 10, Home Hardware and Bowens Timber).

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The challenge

Jack approached Arcadian to refresh their brand image and better connect with their target audience. The objective was to create a top-notch website that would serve as a comprehensive source of information on home DIY projects.

Our task was to design a website that clearly demonstrated how customers could tackle common DIY tasks with Jack products and understand what materials they would need. The ultimate goal was to empower users to confidently undertake DIY projects at home and choose Jack products with confidence.

In addition to this created extensive brand guidelines and developed an overall brand identity which were easily recognisable in-store and also reflected in the digital assets.

Our approach

The process of creating a brand identity for Jack involved several steps. First, discovery sessions were held to gain insight into the brand. Then, extensive brand guidelines were created, including the visual identity (logo, colors, photography, illustration, etc.) and the overall personality, tone of voice, and target audience. Once the brand identity was established, the focus shifted to designing the website’s user experience and user interface to ensure an easy, seamless customer journey. We needed to ensure that the ability to create a page layout was flexible and driven by the content editor so that there was no developer input required.

This meant an off-the-shelf CMS was the logical choice, so we looked at Craft CMS and WordPress. However, the team at Jack was already comfortable using WordPress, so that’s what we opted for.

We also particularly focused on SEO. As the brand name was changing, it was crucial to reduce the impact of organic traffic. That meant that we needed to account for any changes in relation to the domain, content, metadata and page speed. These things are always important, however, with the rebranding of a large company, we needed to reduce the effect it was going to have on Jack’s revenue.

The outcome

We created a custom WordPress website using Gutenburg (and custom blocks) as the page builder, reducing ‘bloat’ from third-party page builders.

The launch went smoothly, with organic traffic suffering only a minor fluctuation. Since then, Arcadian Digital has continued to work with Jack to increase its brand awareness via Google Ads and Paid Facebook. We have also continued to focus on improving organic rankings via SEO-related tasks.

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