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Kinetic began in Melbourne, operating the SkyBus airport express service. Today, they are a global operator of rail and bus networks across Australia, the UK, Europe and Asia.

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The Challenge

Arcadian was engaged by Kinetic for our expertise in CraftCMS, headless CMS development and custom JavaScript frameworks. They approached us looking to update their website based on a new design including new functionality, integration with third parties and a new overall infrastructure. Given their position as a market leader in transport, it was imperative to update their website. Their current site appeared dated and did not align with market expectations.

To accurately reflect their industry standing and cater to their expanding business needs, a site rebuild was essential to incorporate the required functionality. The primary focus was to enhance user experience (UX) and streamline enquiries. While adding new locations and regions to the site was essential, it was paramount that users could swiftly and effortlessly access the services available in each area.

This is where Arcadian came in – we specialise in creating bespoke website solutions that are tailored to a company’s unique digital goals. We can help create a solution that not only looks visually appealing but is also easy to manage and performs well from a performance and SEO perspective.

Our Approach

When approaching the build we decided to focus on enhancing the UX of the site overall, ensuring a strong SEO presence. However, we also wanted to integrate modern JS frameworks such as VueJS or ReactJS.

As we only needed ReactJS or VueJS for a small aspect of the build we decided to avoid a headless build and embed a lightweight VueJS application. This allowed us to build a fast and responsive site. This involved less overhead in the development of a headless or statically generated site, as well as a responsive User Interface (UI) for travel information and enquiries.

The Kinetic site build required:

  • Requirements Analysis/Discovery
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Custom AWS infrastructure setup and architecture; and
  • Deployment

The Outcome

In a span of just 5 months, Arcadian Digital undertook the task of bringing Kinetic’s vision to life, resulting in a dynamic online platform that seamlessly captures the essence of their world-class services.

The site runs on CraftCMS with an embedded VueJS application for the complex functionality of travel information and enquiries. This allows us to integrate beautiful client-side JavaScript functionality but also have a fully indexed site that leverages all out-of-the-box CraftCMS functionality. The front-end boasts an aesthetically pleasing interface that engages visitors, while the back-end, supported again by Craft CMS, ensures smooth navigation and easy content management. Crafted with a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, the website stands as a testament to our expertise.

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