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Occ Health Predict

OCC Health Predict is a platform that provides a secure storage solution for individuals all over Australia. They enable the easy management of employee and organisational health and medical assessment data.

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The challenge

OCC Health Predict came to Arcadian Digital with the hope of creating a custom end-to-end solution for their medical assessment processing workflow.

OCC Health Predict wanted the ability to:

  • book health assessments online
  • send health assessment notifications to patients about where and when they needed to attend
  • record and upload medical data attained by a health professional
  • send medical results to an assessor
  • store highly sensitive medical data safely and securely.

Their capabilities at the time involved many manual processes that were extremely inefficient. The goal was to move their offerings to a full-service online digital platform.

The approach

Together with OCC Health Predict, we outlined the requirements that were required to digitise their ‘paper’ process at the time. This paved a clear pathway for the complex application that was going to be built and ensured everyone was aligned on the vision. It covered all aspects of their current workflow.

To ensure the new website would be fit for purpose, we mapped out their customer journey and detailed the different ideal user experiences. This involved replicating tasks using the website in real-time which enabled us to identify any usability issues that we would later modify and change.

Following this, we progressed into the UX/UI phase for all the public-facing pages and pages within the portal. As this was a new product, our team developed brand guidelines to ensure consistency moving forward for the brand.

From the outset, we knew that the data collected through this application needed the highest level of privacy and protection. To ensure that, we adhered to the OWASP Top 10, which is the reference standard for the most critical web application security risks.

The website for OCC Health Predict was built on Ruby on Rails with a MariaDB database in Amazon’s Relationship Database Service (Amazon RDS) and hardened with an AWS Firewall.

The outcome

The team at Arcadian Digital built a website solution that involved low overhead costs. Our approach was agile and the team at OCC Health Predict have since achieved significant growth selling to Helius (ASX: HLS) in 2019.

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