Smile Solutions

The consolidation of two websites into one easy to manage CMS with added custom functionality through the use of cookies and multi-language selectors.

The Challenge

Nestled in the historical Manchester Unity Building on the corner of Swanston and Elizabeth Streets, Smile Solutions are well-known in the medical space for their full service dental offering from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry and specialist care under one roof.

The historical Smile Solutions website had a number of hindrances which resulted in Smile Solutions working with Arcadian Digital to rebuild a more functional website. One key issue was that the website was setup over multiple domains and sub-domains with the main website housing the Smile Solutions website, and a secondary website housing the blog. In addition, the main website didn’t allow for more advanced functionality which limited their control over content. The website also didn’t respond to mobile a big no-no in today’s mobile world and heavily penalized with Googles algorithm update!

The Approach

The first step was designing customized page templates that would meet the requirements for the types of content needed on the site. Workshops were held with the team at Smile Solutions to determine exactly what templates were required, and to discuss design and functional needs. Designs were completed for both desktop and mobile to ensure that the website was easy to navigate and user friendly across all devices. This was important as over 50% of their website traffic was coming through mobile devices.

WordPress was the CMS we recommended as Smile Solutions were comfortable using this content management system and WordPress would easily be able to handle the functionality and customised requirements the Smile Solutions team needed.

The Solution

A custom design was created in WordPress for Smile Solutions. This one website consolidated both the main website and the blog including all custom functionality which included:

  • Prioritising frequently viewed content using website cookies
  • Multi-language selector with English, Chinese and Arabic versions of the website available at a click of a button
  • Addition of a content builder in the backend to make page building and content management easier for the team at Smile Solutions

Arcadian Digital continue working with Smile Solutions and their other brands such as Tooth Fairy for ongoing website maintenance, digital strategy and online updates.

Tools of the Trade

What did we use to accomplish this? Glad you asked!





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