Web Applications

Web Applications can help your business run faster, run smarter or expand your offerings. It's easier than ever before to perform complex tasks in the cloud and start using technology to enhance your company.

WHAT ARE THEY...Web Applications

Are you looking to build a web application? Not sure what a web application is? A lot of clients ask us to build them a website without realising they are asking for web applications. The difference is in how they function. A website will generally function as a repository of content (for example, browsing a news site) whereas a web application will function as a tool where an individual user can input/view data or interact with content that may be specific to them (think Gmail / Google Analytics).

At Arcadian Digital, we take pride in our expertise and experience building both websites and web applications. Our team are experienced web developers and software engineers. In addition to understanding a number of CMS’s (Content Management Systems), we also have the ability and track record to design software from scratch. This all forms part of the custom solutions we are able to offer each business we work with. In some cases, a CMS will satisfy your businesses needs. In other cases, something entirely custom needs to be built. This is when we like to get our hands dirty.





WEB APPLICATIONSDo you need one?

Web applications are suited for businesses that need something more unique; something that an existing CMS cannot provide or something that separates their business from competitors. In some cases, a CMS will suffice with some modifications but other times, something completely unique and custom is needed.

Maybe you need an automatic invoice reconciliation platform which could save you 10 hours a week or maybe you need a system that automatically uploads orders and creates and assigns jobs to your delivery drivers reducing the need for an extra couple of staff. All you need is an idea, we’ll do the rest. We specialise in fully customised digital solutions for businesses.

HAVE A CHAT WITH USGetting Started

Not sure where to start? Contact us for a confidential discussion to get the conversation started and find out how we can help meet your business goals. We’ll work with you to find the right solution for your company goal and explain all decisions along the way ensuring you learn some of the beneficial things you can do with technology. We’re happy to provide you with an obligation free quote that caters our work for your budget, restrictions and timeline.


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